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January 30, 2009 | Email Marketing | Karin Ballestrazze


I attended a great webinar last week that covered some tips on Email Marketing
I wanted to share.

Consider these tips before sending your next email campaign

  • Think “above the fold” (preview pane). You have your email subject + 3 lines of text to get attention......use it wisely
  • Use a compelling subject line
  • Use specific, measurable calls-to-action (links)
  • Keep it simple – avoid complicated HTML design
  • Start with a good email list and keep it clean
  • Test, preview, measure and test again
  • Personalize where possible; send from bob.smith@abcwinery.com and include the recipient’s name in the template
  • Size Accordingly: Keep width to a maximum of 600-800 pixels
  • Length Recommendation: Short is good, titles
  • 50% of email clients disable images by default, so think about how your email will look without the images.

I also learned some items to avoid:

  • Excessive punctuation and capitalization
  • Avoid SPAM filter catch words such as free, guarantee, credit card, security
  • Don’t just send one big image (maintain low “image to text ratio”)
  • Don’t ignore CAN-SPAM requirements


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