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May 11, 2007 | Resources and Tools | WineDirect Admin

Don’t Just List It - Map It!

If you’ve ever used Google Maps you may have already had the pleasure of seeing your own home or business revealed as a point on a street map or satellite image. Now that Google has added “My Maps” you can create your own map including several of your own locations and share it with others.

To test this service I created a map of my own: The Inertia Wine Trail. This map includes locations for many (but not all) of our client wineries. Creating the map was easy: you can search for locations, add them to your own map and then edit the location’s associated information with text, links and even images. Unfortunately Google can only list a limited number of locations on one page – the Inertia Wine Trail extends onto two pages so you can’t see all the locations at once. On the plus side there’s a KML link on the page. Clicking on that link downloads a file that can be opened in Google Earth to show all mapped locations.

I’ve looked at our client list many times, but seeing all those points on a map has a much stronger impact—it’s like the difference between seeing a list of numbers and seeing those numbers plotted on a graph. That got me to thinking of how wineries could use My Maps to effectively present different kinds of information; here’s a few ideas:

If you use grapes from several vineyards: map them!
If you have a list of retailers that sell your wine: map them!
Top ten customers: map them! (maps for internal purposes you can create as unlisted so they won’t show up in searches)
Got any more mapping ideas or links to maps you’ve created? Leave a comment and let us know. Want some more information first? Check out Google’s My Maps User Guide.


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