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July 8, 2008 | WineDirect Buzz , WineDirect Products and Services | WineDirect Admin

Direct Sales and Golf, what??

Yup, you betcha! Here’s the deal, if you’re learning to play golf, have played in the past, or play regularly, you’ll understand. Maybe! Recall how frustrating the game can be? Not to mention humbling? How inconsistent your swing is? Or, my favorite, you “think” from time to time that you’ve figured it out because you shot at or below your handicap. And then, the very next time out, you shoot 20 strokes worse!! Yeah, you get it. Sorry for the bad memories!

Now how about those direct wine sales of yours, great brand, good purple, and little or no direct sales. Hmmm, you try and try, sometimes too hard, just like your golf swing. You thought you had all the pieces in place. You try harder and it gets worse right? Back in my college baseball days, one of our coaches had a little saying, he’d say “Try easier”!

Well, let’s see, do we try easier, work smarter, do we keep our head down longer? I’d say we try and do all the above. It has to do with the approach, attention to detail, proper equipment and most of all, consistency! Like in golf you have equipment or “tools” available to sell wine direct online. The equipment you use in golf can make or break your swing, or at least your swing potential and the tools or equipment you use to sell wine direct can also make or break your potential!

At Inertia we Humbly recommend a custom (club) fitting to The ReThink Engine, your very own tool box full of “Best Practice” gems to help increase your direct sales online. Yeah, that was a plug, but I am part of the sales team after all!

No practice and your swing will be inconsistent, and you can expect poor scores. Same for Direct Sales. Poor setup and a weak foundation, and your sales will be inconsistent and possibly nonexistent.

On the golf side it’s your grip, your stance and your setup to the ball. Then, it’s a smooth take away and backswing, a nice transition and a smooth downswing through impact. For Direct sales it’s the same, your grip on the reality of the industry, your stance on how you’d like to manage your Direct Sales, and then your setup to help create more Direct Sales. And remember, all of this requires the proper tools, right? For reference it’s tod@inertiabev.com.

Selling wine direct is like when you first learn to play golf. The biggest mistake new golfers make is not keeping their head down, they tend to look up and see where the ball has gone before they hit it. When wineries first start selling wine direct they have the same problem. They want to see how much wine they’ve sold, before they actually build the foundation, remember grip, stance and setup? Later, as a golfer develops, he/she tends to focus too more on their score, and not on the swing. If you concentrate on making a good swing every time you strike the ball, the good scores will come.

By the way, if you happen to be a golfer and also have an interest in our help with your Direct Sales, feel free to sign up for our annual symposium, party and golf tournament. It’s coming soon, this Friday is the symposium and party at Copia and Saturday, at the Chardonnay Golf Club is when we “grip em and rip em”! Interested? Go here rsvp@inertiabev.com and let us know. I hope to see you there!

Happy Direct Selling and “Keep em on the short grass”!


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