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July 26, 2007 | Resources and Tools | WineDirect Admin

Call in next 15 minutes

You must have heard the phrase “call in next 15 minutes..” in lots of infomercials or commercials played on Radio. I pass on the 15 minute deadline created by the marketers, but there are a lot of people who think that the offer will be over within 15 minutes and end up ordering products in a rush, without much research. You should create a campaign which is closer to your audience.

If you know about your customers, you can make sure that you are approaching them in the right way. Thanks to technology, you can look at various stats for your website and even competitiors. Here are few of these:

  1. Google Analytics - A lot of people know about this tool, but did you know that Google Analytics has a Coversion University. They have various articles from SEO to effective writing. With the upgrade of Google Analytics, they have made it non-geek friendly. The reports are organized in a better way. For people, who don’t know about Google Analytics, this is a good start. I would recommend you to use GA, if you haven’t ever or for a long time.
  2. Alexa - Alexa.com, an Amazon product lets you view stats from your website or any other website. In my opinion, their stats can be used to see trends, but not hard figures as they get the data from people who have Alexa toolbar installed. It is good for rough estimation on stats or to compare two or more websites.
  3. Compete - A newer player in the market, is very similar to Alexa. They claim that they obtain the stats for the websites not just by their toolbar, but other sources as well.
  4. Quantcast - I found quantcast recently and liked it a lot. It not only gives you basic stats, but a lot more information. It includes demographic information and “Siteographics™”. See it for yourself.
  5. CrazyEgg - Crazyegg does not provide the typical stats for a website, but stats that can help you with making site usable for your guests. I like the “heatmap” feature. It lets you know where on the page, your users are clicking. Google Analytics has a click overlay feature as well, but I think crazyegg is better.



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