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February 22, 2007 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | WineDirect Admin

Building upon your current database

Maintaining your customer database is important, adding to your database is even more important to build relationships and increase sales.

Obviously, the easiest way to add to your customer roster is to obtain this information at the tasting room while customers are tasting.Most wineries keep a signup sheet handy so you can gather their contact information and add them to your newsletter or email them regarding promotions, new releases or invites to your wine club and future winery events. The key information is an email address, and current phone number as well as a mailing address. Or have small cards printed up where the customer can provide feedback as well as leave contact information. If they purchase from you while in the tasting room you can obtain this data and ask that you may contact them by email with future promotions and new releases.

Another obvious method in obtaining this important information is from winery sponsored events and gatherings. Bring the same signup sheet or comment cards and request the same information for the same reason. Follow up with an email or phone call thanking them for visiting your winery or event and include any promotions you may be having at the time and always include your website address so that they may log onto your site and complete their customer account information with credit card and shipping address.

Another tried and true method that even I forget, ask for contact information for 10 other friends or family members that may be interested. If your current customers enjoy your wine and visiting your winery, ask to share the experience with someone they know! You will be surprised how many people are receptive with sharing this information (especially if they just LOVE your wine and staff). This is an old school method that is tried and true but we now know it as viral marketing. This works best if you provide an incentive or already have a great relationship and constant contact with the client.

Probably the easiest way to gather this information is to invite them to visit your website (albeit passive) and use your contact us form, you do have a contact us webpage, right? And when they do sign up, keep tabs on those who signup and thank them, and make sure you have a newsletter to send.


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