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January 29, 2014 | Karin Ballestrazze

Building Customer Loyalty is Critical for Increasing Online Wine Sales

Impressing customers the first time they shop with you is critical for long-term retention. A highly personalized online wine store, special promotions, speedy wine shipping and a unique experience all serve to meet this purpose. Improving customer loyalty can be beneficial to your winery because it can help you increase your wine club membership. 

However, loyalty doesn't come for free. In the past, wineries that provided a great experience for visitors could see higher numbers of returning customers through their direct-to-consumer channels, but modern wine-lovers are much harder to please. Technology has enabled consumers to quickly research all their shopping options. People are also more likely to consult reviews from other individuals than to trust information brands publish about themselves. These growing trends highlight the importance of crafting a strategy that delivers excellent service to encourage customers to return.

How can you boost retention?
While it may be easy to convince shoppers to buy wine online, the ultimate goal is for these same customers to return - or better yet, recommend your winery to other people. According to MarketingProfs, companies that excel at building relationships with their client bases share some traits, including having a purpose, leading creatively, maintaining a mystery and generating movement across all channels. With the right wine marketing strategies, you can establish yourself as a leader in the industry and set yourself apart with a high-quality customer experience that inspires people to return.

Building loyalty is one of the best ways to increase demand for your products. The first step to improving the experience you offer to customers is by asking them what they think, Entrepreneur magazine stated. Utilizing surveys and responding to feedback on social media channels is a great way to find out what your client base is looking for and make adjustments. This can be a good strategy to uncover any issues customers may be having with service.

In a similar vein, it can be beneficial to feature customer reviews on your winery's website. Because reviews are so influential to new clients, highlighting previous good experiences with your brand can be a powerful way to attract new shoppers. Whether you listen to customer feedback or not, potential shoppers will search for your winery, and if they see a high number of bad reviews, they won't hesitate to take their business elsewhere. 

Another important way to maintain loyalty is to build a top-notch wine club program. After someone has turned into a repeat customer, rewarding loyalty can do a lot, Entrepreneur said. Your club members can be offered the first chance to purchase new wines, or you can extend them special offers and discounted shipping rates. You can even offer them a free bottle of wine at special times to encourage them to stay in the club. 

Customers want to continue doing business with organizations that listen to their needs. If you show consumers you care about their preferences, it will be easy to maintain loyalty. 


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