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May 31, 2007 | Merchandising | WineDirect Admin

Beyond branding. How to rise above the obvious and be perceived as artisan, deeply-rooted, estate, hand-crafted.

One of the underlying trends spurring on the growth of wine brands is a societal change of scale, with a move from the local to the national, and ultimately to the global. This trend has been a gradual one, gathering pace over the last 50 years or so. The driving factor has been the expansion and increasing sophistication of the media, especially e-commerce.

On the one hand we have a move to manufactured, branded commodity wines: consistently made, with clean, fruity flavours and fashioned from a handful of international superstar grape varieties. The link with geography and vintage will grow weaker to the extent that the country of origin may even cease to be an important selling point. These wines will dominate the major retail outlets: supermarkets and high street wine shops. They will be heavily branded and supported by advertising campaigns.

On the other hand, terroir or estate wines will retreat into a niche. They’re already making a hasty exit from the major retail outlets; expect this exodus to continue. Fine wine will of course survive; the casualties will be many of the inexpensive and mid-priced estate wines from traditional wine producing countries. Whereas there is currently a market for wines from quality minded small family-owned estates like our valued Inertia clients. Their challenge will be that there is simply no retail channel left for them to access non-wine-geek consumers who form the bulk of their market.
The two cultures isn’t just a phenomenon, it’s perception. Your website is the perfect place to not only scale your brand, but to improve the way your customers perceive you and your relationship with them. What perception would you like your customers to have when visiting your site? Would you like them to see you as a grocery-store brand or would you prefer to be perceived as a passionate grower or grapes, artisan, deeply-rooted, estate, hand-crafted? If your goal is the latter, how do you communicate this throughout your brand and your website?



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