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Animal Wine Labels

If you think you’ve been noticing more and more animals on wine labels over the past several years, it’s not just your imagination. According to a study by market research firm ACNielsen, approximately one out of every five table wine brands introduced features an animal on the label. Traditionally, a logo or label with direct relevance to the product it represents has been emphasized as a key to success. For wineries, this would generally be grapes or a vineyard. In spite of this established practice, wine labels with animals have been warmly received, and even demonstrate an increase in sales. Danny Brager, VP of ACNielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Team, states that the sales generated by new brands featuring a ‘critter’ outperform other new table wines by more than double.

One theory suggests that an animal label has a unique presentation that differentiates it from more traditional label styles. This may help to distinguish it on retail shelves drawing the attention of new consumers.

A second theory of this trend explains that consumers have an easier time relating to images which they have already been primed to. The imagery is already familiar to the consumer and may have other meaning in their personal lives as well.

Earlier this year Peter Renton, founder of Lightning Labels, further explored this idea noting a study by Professor Aparna Labro (University of Chicago Booth School of Business), Ravi Dhar (Yale University) and Norbert Schwartz (University of Michigan). According to their research, consumers tend to purchase products which reflect themselves rather than the product.

Below are a few examples showcasing labels which have interesting and unique animal designs.

Nebraska Table Wine
A partnership between Lincoln Children’s Zoo and James Arthur Vineyard, these clever labels highlight animals within the zoo and include catchy names such as Pokey Red and Snappy White (shown above). Nebraska Table Wine was awarded in Commart’s 2008 Design Annual for its crisp packaging design.


Mutt Lynch Winery
Supporting a long list of nonprofit animal rescue shelters and organizations, Mutt Lynch Winery stands out for both its community leadership and award winning wines. Each bottle design has its own unique, individual flair. Featured above are Merlot Over and Play Dead, Unleashed Chardonnay and Portrait of a Mutt Zinfandel.


Offering delectable wines sourced from Chile’s Maipo Valley, PengWine dedicates its brand and label designs to Chile’s regional bird - the penguin. Each bottle illustrates a specific type of of penguin and is even tied to a PengWine persona which provides a brief summary of the bird and wine characteristics. Shown above are Humboldt, Royal and Rockhopper.


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