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March 15, 2012 | Fulfillment/Shipping, Resources and Tools | Genevieve Verdier

Aliens Abducted My Wine!

Sometimes that is what it feels like in that time between placing the order online and receiving the wine at your door.

The average weight for one 750ml bottle is 3 pounds. Shipping twelve bottles totals to around 41 pounds including packaging…which is equal to a small child! Unfortunately shipping heavy items can be pricey. Small children are pricey but that is another topic. For the savvy winery, there are ways to minimize shipping costs. Unless there is a pressing need such as a birthday party tomorrow night that you absolutely positively have to have that specific cabernet, the most economical shipping method is Ground.

12 750ml bottles = 41 pounds!

Yes, Ground does take longer than 2Day or Overnight but with a quick check on weather conditions in the destination state, Ground shipping can maintain the integrity of your wine at a lower cost. The WineDirect Fulfillment Portal offers a nifty weather hold management tool. You can place a state on hold for a specific period of time with just a couple clicks. If hurricanes are causing havoc in the south east, put those states on weather hold. If the New York has declared a snow day, you can easily hold your orders. The Portal also offers a quick link on the landing page to see the temperatures across the country to help with your shipping decisions.

Web Portal Temperature Map

Your Account Manager is available to walk you thru placing a state on hold on the Portal. We have not figured out how to control the weather but we do have ways to control costs. It should be noted, and our legal counsel will be pleased with this, neither WineDirect nor the carriers can insure against alien wine abduction. We will have to take our chances that the aliens prefer beer.


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Pick and Pack
@ Apr 19, 2012 at 9:23 AM
Excellent post. I think it is very informative post.

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