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March 18, 2008 | Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Wine Club Management | WineDirect Admin

A Relationship to Last a Lifetime

Wineries with tasting rooms have a unique opportunity to establish a life-long relationship with their customer. As a self-proclaimed wine geek, I have had the opportunity to embark on the journeys that go from road trip to tasting room to club member to finally sharing the experience with friends as I open the bottle and “tell the story”. The first impression can linger to a long term relationship for future visits, direct sales and better yet, gift memberships and referrals to family and friends. I decided to join the ranks of sharing the experience by working some weekends at a well known winery in the Napa Valley. In this short time, guests have come in that are members that haven’t been to the winery in awhile and each time they come to the Napa Valley they make a point to stop in and visit. Within my first two weeks, there have been guests celebrating special occassions. John and Shari made their first trip to Napa and were on their honeymoon. This was their first stop and I was their first host ever to the valley. There was Jennifer celebrating her 21st birthday and oodles of anniversaries and of course the “girl’s weekend” celebrating good times and great wine. The tasting room experience can be a point of ”high touch” that the customers will remember for many years to come. When visiting popular wine regions after a day or weekend’s worth of tasting, only the true highlights or “high-touches” will be remembered. These customers come from many places and have many friends who are probably drinking wine; be the one they remember as it will reflect in LOYAL club membership. After meeting with individuals, listening to their stories and sharing the winery experience, it dawned on me, there should be signed bottles in the tasting room by the winemaker or owner for those that are celebrating their moment. What a “high-touch”! Guests can have a personalized piece of Napa to take home. A signed bottle will usually stand out and will become part of their home long after the wine is gone. When they think of wine or another trip, they will continue to be reminded of the great experience you shared with them.Cheers!


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