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April 26, 2011 | eCommerce , WineDirect Products and Services | Sheri Hebbeln

5 eCommerce Features You Can Take Advantage of Now: Feature 2

Today’s post, the second in the series, is about the Tasting Room iPad App. As always, you can contact your Account Manager or our Sales Team for more information on any of these features.

Feature Number Two: Tasting Room iPad App

Have you considered adding the Tasting Room iPad App? If not, we think you should. Not only is it a powerful tool; it’s also fun to use! Plus, it just might be used to replace the paper forms you currently use for wine club and newsletter signups.


The iPad app acts as an interactive kiosk, serving as a tasting menu, a collection of wine notes, a mailing list and/or club signup form, and a shopping cart with easy to use touch screen ordering capability.

Imagine this scenario. A customer visits your tasting room. Before tasting, you ask her to enter an email address and follow along on the iPad. Being somewhat new to the iPad, she’s happy to experiment with it. Now, as that customer begins tasting your wines, she can rate them, mark them as favorites, or add comments as she goes along. She can even place an order for shipment to her home or office.

You’re happy because you’ve just added powerful new information to your customer database. Your visitor is happy because not only did she have a good time, but she received a nice personalized email from you a day or two later, thanking her for visiting your tasting room. When you run a promotion on any of her favorite wines, or when a new vintage is released, you can follow up again.

The iPad App is a great new tool with endless possibilities! After all, food and wine just naturally seem to lend themselves to visual stimulation and interactive engagement.

And if you’re worried about security, several companies are now producing iPad enclosures to secure them for public use, making the app an ideal addition to your tasting room.  


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