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April 28, 2011 | eCommerce , WineDirect Products and Services | Sheri Hebbeln

5 eCommerce Features You Can Take Advantage of Now: Feature 4

Today’s post, the fourth in the series, is about the business locator. As always, you can contact your Account Manager or our Sales Team for more information on any of these features.

Feature Number Four: Business Locator

For wine producers, the web presents a very unique opportunity. Certainly, the goal of tipping the scales in favor of direct-to-consumer is at the top of the list for most when optimizing a website. However, if you sell your wines through retail channels, then you know the value of your website in reaching those retail customers or “controlling the message” so to speak. Just like your direct customers, retail customers will often visit your website for information before making a purchase, whether in a retail store or in a restaurant while looking at a wine list.

The business locator is a great tool for customers who would prefer to buy your wine locally. Customers either select a state and city from a drop down, or enter their zip code and select a search radius. The store locator will display a list of stores or restaurants that carry your wines, complete with a Google map.

To see the tool in action, visit some of our clients who've put it to good use:


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