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September 28, 2015 | Marketing | Lona Rudd

4 ways to ensure new customers will come back


Gaining a new customer is important for all wineries, but if that new customer never comes back again, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. It's well-known that it takes more effort and money to sell products new customers than it does to sell products to existing customers. Retaining a new customer is just as import as gaining their business in the first place. Provide them with the best experience possible and you'll have a good chance of selling to them again. 

1.  Make them feel welcome and comfortable
The first and possibly best way to make sure that a customer will come back is to show them that you're glad they decided to come and make them feel comfortable. This will ultimately come down to your employees. You want to have new customers interact with employees who are personable and enjoy their job. Also, think about the experience the customer has when they walk in the door. Is it clear where they are supposed to go? Are they greeted upon entry? Are there comfortable places for them to stand or sit? Provide them with clear visual cues as to where to go and what to do, and make sure there is always a sufficient number of employees there to help people. 

2.  Show them you know your stuff
This can be done in a number of ways, but mainly it's best to showcase any awards or accolades and educate your employees. Employees should be able to answer questions about the products, the company and shipping wine. If you can, consider educating employees on the actual process of winemaking. While that knowledge will be essential for tour guides - if you offer tours - it doesn't hurt for all of your employees to at least know a little about the process that it takes to make wine. 

3.  Provide them new customer perks
A great way to show new customers how much you appreciate their business is to offer them a discount on their first purchase. A efficient way of doing this is to try to get them to sign up for a shopper's card or account. Give them a discount when they sign up and you can also gain some valuable personal information like their name and email. The customer gets a discount and you get a way to get in contact with them to tell them about promotions, events, and your wine club. 

4.  Give them a good product
Ultimately it all comes down to the product. If you don't have a good product, you can provide them the best customer experience every time and it won't really matter. Provide them quality wine and a few different styles and variations and you should be able to sell it to them more than once. 


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