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March 31, 2016 | Marketing | Joanne Grantz

3 reasons why online quizzes are a good marketing strategy

As a winemaker, you know how important it is to understand the people who consume your product. In the tasting room, you have the opportunity to talk to guests about their taste preferences as well as how they respond to different varietals. As a result of this intimate, in-person encounter, you're able to sell more wine and form lasting relationships with customers.

While it can definitely be a challenge, you still have the opportunity to know your customers through your online wine store. As Kissmetrics pointed out, quizzes are one of the most underrated types of content that marketers and business owners tend to ignore. There are three main reasons quizzes may be a strong marketing strategy for your winery:

1. A route to personalization
First of all, offering customers the chance to participate quizzes is an invaluable opportunity to understand their tastes and preferences the way you would in the tasting room, and then customize their experience with your online wine store. As guests are browsing your products, alert them to a quiz that will tell them what types of wines would be best for their personalities, circumstances and events for which they are purchasing products. Then make product recommendations based on the results and even target those shoppers with exclusive, personalized deals in the future.

2. A chance to grow your email list
Email is an important marketing channel that isn't effective unless businesses have a full list of contacts. In fact, research conducted by StrongView found at 61 percent, email remained the top target for increased investment by marketers in 2015. So long as there is a strong incentive to participate in the quiz and share contact information - such as discounted shipping, exclusive deals or an on-the-spot discount - you can use this content as an opportunity to retrieve valuable contact information.

3. A motivation for social sharing
If you've ever been on Buzzfeed, chances are you've noticed the popularity of the site's quiz feature. People love exploring and sharing their own personalities and preferences with others, so launching a quiz feature for your online wine store is a great way to increase social media engagement.

Running a successful online wine store demands creativity and constant innovation to stay connected with shoppers. Quizzes are one way to get closer to your customers and optimize your other marketing channels in the process.


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