WineDirect Outbound

Direct-to-Consumer wine sales with a personal touch!

We’ll generate sales above what you would achieve through the wine club alone.

WineDirect Outbound achieves very favorable response rates, with impressive average order values.  Sales flow directly to the Vin65 commerce platform for improved visibility into order history and customer contacts.  You are assigned a dedicated sales representative and your own phone number.  Our representatives are knowledgeable about the wine industry, steeped in passion for wine, and are professional experts with proven sales experience and exceptional phone acumen.  Phones display your winery name so calls are answered appropriately.

Complete Visibility

  • With WineDirect Outbound you enjoy real-time access to campaign performance data
  • Your team sees call stats, call notes, representative names, and the results of each and every call as it happens

Superior Campaign Planning

  • WineDirect Outbound takes a holistic approach to your call campaigns, complementing your club, email campaigns, and winery events schedule to drive the most excitement and urgency about your wines.
  • WineDirect will exercise patience and care with your customer list. Our goal is to cultivate productive, authentic relationships with your customers.

No Compromises!

For more information, email us at outboundservices@winedirect.com or call 707.241.4731.

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