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Our retail software is built on a Microsoft foundation and then tailored specifically for wineries.  We primarily provide Point-of-Sale (POS) functionality for fast and accurate transactions that enhance the tasting room experience, improve efficiency, and maximize your sales effectiveness.  Our solutions are PA-DSS compliant for credit card security, with many other unique features developed over the years by WineDirect Elypsis.  These features include gratuity, hospitality, shipping compliance, shipping fulfillment, and wine club.  Our sister-company’s eCommerce platform, Vin65, is tightly integrated to ensure that no redundant data entry is required.

Tasting Room Point-of-Sale

All of the latest features enabled by Microsoft Dynamics RMS, such as touch-screen support and user-defined keyboard shortcuts

  • Easily track and manage inventory and support an unlimited number of stock items and transactions
  • Integrated shipping matrix for calculating different rates
  • Shipping validation that prompts the cashier with appropriate instructions based on the laws of the “ship to” location
  • Sales tax and multiple tax rate tables

WineClub Manager

WineClub Manager is a completely integrated module that allows you to manage your wine clubs in a fraction of the time

  • Reduce or eliminate credit card issues to ensure customers get their orders on time
  • Run an unlimited number of wine clubs, driving more revenue opportunities
  • Provide a complete shipping matrix for calculating different rates by zone
  • Capture signup, cancellation and on-hold information to reduce shipping errors
  • Easily change sales tax based on the member’s “ship to” location
  • Export data to Microsoft Office for mail merge and custom reports

Integrated Web Orders

Automatically download orders and synchronize customers between your online store, wine club, and tasting room for a complete view of all direct sales for every customer

  • Create unique welcome email messages for new customers, including the delivery of temporary login and password data
  • Allow customers to manage their own address and credit card information. Changes are matched with your Point-of-Sale (POS) and/or wine club solutions
  • Download web orders and customer information directly into your Point-of-Sale (POS) and WineClub system
  • Save money and increase profits by eliminating double entries and double shipments

Compliance Management

Ensure compliance for every order, every time

  • Promptly and precisely run compliance checks at the point-of-sale to ensure compliance of all state quantity limits, allowing for order splitting and optimizing of shipped orders
  • Send data directly to compliance management software for auto-populated shipping and tax reports, saving time and money
  • Easily integrate workflows and best practices for compliance management across all your consumer direct sales channels, including web, POS, WineClub, and phone orders
  • Quickly handle age verifications either manually or automatically, including state-by-state required verifications
  • Maintain accurate consumer data via address verification for use in direct marketing, marketing communications, and direct shipping

QuickCapture and Payment Card Processing

Acquire the data contained on the magnetic strip of an individual’s driver’s license and credit card, for input directly into your database

  • Fast and accurate data capture allows you to process transactions more efficiently
  • Capitalize on opportunities to sign up customers for wine clubs, newsletters and other marketing initiatives
  • Eliminate data entry errors caused by unreadable hand-written forms or incorrectly keyed information
  • Easily integrates with WineClub Manager and other RMS solutions


Unprecedented reporting capabilities so you can easily see how each of your retail, wine club, and eCommerce ventures are doing

  • Ability to view and print daily sales graphs and journals from any register, and at any time
  • Quickly drill down from summary reports to detailed reports, and modify the database directly from reports
  • Filter, hide, sort, and group data the way you want
  • Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats, and add your logo to create more formal reports for your executive teams or investors