WineDirect’s Marketplace program allows you to reach new wine consumers via partnerships we’ve formed with select online retail brands that bring value to participating wineries.

The program offers online retail partners access to an aggregation of products for sale and content for use from WineDirect’s clients. Partners use these products and content to enable a wine store on their respective websites.  All programs are designed to be low-touch, for ease of engagement by our winery partners. 


  • Brand exposure
  • Minimal engagement and management
  • Sales and margin opportunity
  • No cost to entry
  • Customer acquisition
  • One program = access to many partners
  • Service and support

How Participation Can Benefit Your Direct Sales Efforts

  • Gain customer information to grow your direct customer base
  • Leverage rich content for use across all your direct programs
  • More sales = greater opportunity to understand market demands and trends and respond accordingly

Getting Started

We invite you to participate in our Marketplace programs.  Requirements are minimal:

  • Inventory:  We ask that you allocate a small amount of inventory to our program. 
  • Content:  Full product descriptions, winery images, teasers, and tasting notes will help you tell your best story, and  sell the most product
  • Compliance:  The program is open to licensed wine producers.  Copies of direct ship permits are required for all states you will be participating in.
  • Pricing: Pricing is set at your SRP and remains under your control at all times.