Our Story

We provide products, services and information to help you succeed.

An effective direct sales program requires revenue-driving marketing and sales programs, software solutions which provide control and visibility into what’s going on in your business, and a fulfillment partner you can rely on.

Founded in 2002, WineDirect offers a full suite of services to ensure your success in direct sales.  Our services are available either as an all-in-one solution or ‘a la carte’.  The choice is yours.

  1. An industry leading eCommerce platform to drive direct sales
  2. Sales and marketing programs to build incremental revenue and customer loyalty
  3. Software solutions to manage and run a successful direct sales program, whether online or in a tasting room
  4. Software solutions for a winery's business transactions (ERP)
  5. Software solutions for a winery's compliance management
  6. Seamless and cost effective fulfillment services to deliver satisfied consumers

Vin65 Commerce Software: Online Stores Designed to Sell More Wine

Vin65 enables wineries to grow their online businesses with a feature rich, yet easy-to-use toolkit built specifically for the wine industry. We help manage the total buying experience, from customer acquisition to club and relationship management. 

Each new release of our software is built on the idea of “Power vs. Complexity”.  Our mantra is to use technology to remove market complexities while at the same time providing our customers with powerful tools which enable them to aggressively pursue savvy wine buyers.  Our ability to deliver a fully integrated winery-focused solution has earned us consistent recognition as a market leader.

Vin65 Retail delivers a complete retail store solution for tasting rooms. It presents fast and accurate transactions, thereby enhancing the tasting room experience, improving efficiency, and maximizing sales effectiveness.

WineDirect Complinace: You didn't get into the wine business to worry about compliance!

Connecting with Vin65, WineDirect Compliance puts the focus back on selling more wine.

  •     Automated and scheduled reporting of direct
  •     Compliance checks in the shopping cart or via the iPad
  •     Sound and accurate calculation and reporting of sales and excise tax
  •     In-house Compliance team with in-depth industry expertise

WineDirect Outbound: Helping Wineries Maximize Direct Sales

Our outbound telesales program, WineDirect Outbound, supplements a winery’s sales and marketing team and extends the tasting room experience by maintaining contact with customers well beyond the initial visit. WineDirect Outbound delivers incremental sales, from both club members and non-members, at higher average order values and with a longer average club member lifecycle.

46Brix: Finally, wine shipping that makes cents!

46Brix is a shipping included program for customers of WineDirect's Vin65 eCommerce platform.  For an annual fee of $79.00, members get their ground shipping covered for as many orders of two or more bottles of wine as they would like from all participating wineries.

WineDirect Enterprise: Software Solutions for Wineries

WineDirect Enterprise is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite developed specifically for wineries and built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It offers a set of integrated, adaptable business management tools that enable wineries to make important business decisions with greater confidence.

WineDirect Fulfillment: Responsive and Efficient Winery Fulfillment Services

WineDirect Fulfillment was founded by wine industry, technology, and transportation veterans to solve the complex business problems associated with the interstate sale and distribution of wine. We operate nearly 260,000 square feet of fulfillment space across three facilities located in American Canyon, CA, Paso Robles, CA, and Glenwillow, OH.  Our bi-coastal fulfillment network offers 1-2 day access to 85% of U.S. wine consumers and our online fulfillment portal provides immediate access to the information you need in order to WOW your best customers.

The WineDirect Suite of Services

Finally, when all of our services are bundled into one package – the WineDirect Suite of Services - you gain:

  • Business intelligence not available anywhere else in the wine industry
  • Exceptional customer service via a well versed team
  • Cost savings and efficiencies
  • And perhaps most importantly - increased sales!

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Tiffany Copland, Doug Bell, Dolores Guidry, Peggy Lopez, Pedro Rubalcaba, Judith Garibath, Brandon Rogersen, Blanca Alonzo, Thoryne Ridings, Carmen Meyer-Tuerke

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Carla Meshack, Miriam Hopton, Anjanette Montuya, Karin Ballestrazze, Genevieve Verdier, Blanca Vigeroa, Joanne Grantz Anderson, Sheri Hebbeln, Carlos Huerta, Joe Guanzon, Jim Agger, Joe Waechter, Maribel Montanez, Steve Waller, Angela Galbraith, Dennis Donaldson, Ron Miranda, Mayra Carbajal, Benita Ortiz, Matt Mann, Maria Mauricio, Connie Sheehan, Maria Munoz, Laura Lockwood, Erica Lopez, Darling Fredrick, Shuree Guanzon, Lona Rudd

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